My Classroom!

I wanted to share a few photos of my classroom from this year. These are the things I’ve set up so far–I did a LOT of cleaning out and organizing, and I’m actually really excited now to start the year because I get to try out all my new “systems” and because I finally have a pretty environment to work in 🙂

I’ve been getting really inspired by the blog Clutter-Free Classroom.  Highly recommended!


This is my “back to school” bulletin board. My sister Paula came up with the falling leaves idea and did most of the work except for the lettering.


The bins where I keep my copies and materials to use each day of the week. I relabeled them and I think they look much prettier now!


My classroom jobs chart; the label designs were a free printable from (a new favorite site of mine). Having the kids’ numbers on magnets makes it easy to slide them around to change the jobs from week to week.


This is the “sign-out station” where the kids sign in and out to go to the bathroom, nurse, etc. (the school requires each classroom to have a log for this). I can’t believe it took me until this year to realize I should hang a clock above the log!


Labels I made for some of the supplies–my shelves look so neat and tidy now! I’m going to post another few pictures once I have them all set up.  The font I used is free and it’s called Pinwheel.


FINALLY I have a SmartBoard in my classroom! I feel like I’m the last teacher in America to get one!


And good riddance to my overhead projector.  Yuck!


One response to “My Classroom!

  1. Hi Marianne, I had to laugh at the smartboard comment–I teach in a lab with 34 computers, yet I still don’t get a smartboard. I had one for a year at a neighboring school but it was broken 80% of the time, so I am still not good at it. I feel like an ed tech fraud! LOL Hope to see you in Feb. Take care! Suzanne

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