1st post from ipod touch

Downloaded the wordpress app to my iPod touch so I am trying it out. It’s annoying to type on here so I can’t really see writing a long post this way, but it might be fun for quick updates. I want to get an iPhone sometime soon and then it will be nice to be able to post photos directly from it. But for now I can’t really do that so I will just say hello 🙂 weekends here are Friday and Saturday so I am just sitting around the apartment enjoying a work-free morning. Have a good one everybody!



6 responses to “1st post from ipod touch

  1. Marianne
    I’m sooooo happy for you! Glad school and home life are good.
    Best of luck

  2. Yippee! You go Girl! Glad you found Mr. Right!

  3. Marianne, I’ve enjoyed going back and reading many of your posts that I haven’t read before. You are a great writer! Congrats on your engagement and best wishes with all of the planning and fun. Hope that Ben is able to move there soon!

  4. Hi.. I enjoyed reading your blog.. keep posting… by the way, I added you in my blogroll.

    Congratulations for your new engagement..


  5. wow! i should download wordpress app for my iPod Touch so that I can manage my blog hahah thank you

  6. Hi congrats on your engagement I am going to Al Lin in a few months to be with my sis and her family

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