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1st post from ipod touch

Downloaded the wordpress app to my iPod touch so I am trying it out. It’s annoying to type on here so I can’t really see writing a long post this way, but it might be fun for quick updates. I want to get an iPhone sometime soon and then it will be nice to be able to post photos directly from it. But for now I can’t really do that so I will just say hello 🙂 weekends here are Friday and Saturday so I am just sitting around the apartment enjoying a work-free morning. Have a good one everybody!



It’s winter in the UAE

Not that you’d ever know it from the weather, but it’s actually winter here!  I haven’t updated in a long time, but there’s actually been some kind of exciting stuff going on.  In fact, there’s been some REALLY exciting stuff going on.  Here’s a recap:

  • I’m engaged!  At the end of November, over the Thanksgiving/Eid Al Adha break, my mom came to visit and we went to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where I spent the summer of 2008.  While I was there I had met a wonderful guy named Ben.  He’s an accountant and was doing work in the office of the orphanage I was volunteering at.  We broke up when I left, mainly because of the distance and uncertainty of where we were going to be geographically in the next few years.  We stayed in touch though, and when I saw him again in November, we realized that we were pretty dumb to ever break up.  He asked me to marry him and I said yes, and the wedding will be August 7 in Boston. 🙂  Right now he’s working on getting a visa to move here to Abu Dhabi, since we will be living here after the wedding and of course we’d like to live in the same city sooner rather than later!

  • I signed on for another year at my school.  Actually, I had a two-year contract anyways, so it was assumed that I would be staying.  But I officially am now.  In fact, lately I’ve really been loving Abu Dhabi so much that I would gladly sign up for another five years!  I won’t though–that would be weird.
  • For Christmas, I went back to Massachusetts for about 10 days.  It was nice to be back “home” for a while and see the family!  Basically while I was there I planned the wedding, hung out with family and friends, shopped, and got very very cold.  With the exception of that last thing, it was a blast!  Honestly, I thought I would miss the cold and snow a lot more than I do.  Visiting the snow was fine, but I don’t need a whole winter of the stuff.  Going home in the summers will be a great arrangement though, because it will be warm–but not unbearably so–in New England and hellishly boiling here (where it’s normal for it to get up to 110-120 degrees F on a summer day; Boston, where a high of 90 is somewhat rare even in summer, is quite mild by comparison).
  • School is going well and I feel like I really am becoming a better teacher with experience.  Certain situations, especially dealing with parents, used to really freak me out; now I feel a lot more confident about handling problems that arise.  It does make a difference to be sure of yourself, and I think genuinely acquiring that self-assurance as a teacher is something that only comes with time and practice.  I’m not saying I’m now a wise veteran or anything of course–but you have to start somewhere, and it’s nice to notice progress.
  • Today I took some school papers and walked down to the Corniche (the beach) to sit and do some work.  It was about 75 or 80 degrees out, breezy and perfectly sunny.  I sat on the deck of a coffee shop that was right on the beach, had some coffee, got a little work done, and walked along the beach taking pictures and enjoying the day.  I felt like I was on vacation; I kept having to remind myself that I in fact live here and could go back every day if I wanted to!  It genuinely felt like the perfect place, and I never wanted to leave.