Road Trip Chapter 2 (long overdue!)

So, I never really got around to posting again during my road trip, and I apologize for that….but you know how it is when you’re on the road.  Especially when you’re the only one driving, there’s not much time for typing!  You’ll be glad to hear that I managed to make it back to Massachusetts without getting pulled over again.  On the downside, I did call and find out how much the fine would be, and it was $146! Sheesh! I was definitely expecting under 100!

I’ll begin pretty much where I left off…this entry covers July 6th through 8th, 2009.

After I left Kim’s place in Colorado, I drove to Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.  This place is absolutely incredible–it is so beautiful.  I have never seen scenery like this in real life.  I sort of thought it was just in movies! Unfortunately, I can’t quite figure out how to put pictures in these entries, but for now, click here to see the pics on my Facebook page.  They have beautiful red and beige/gray stone arches and rocks, and against the blue sky, it’s like you’re on another planet or something.  A must-see, definitely!  It was probably 100 degrees there the day I went, but I didn’t care.  I even hiked a little bit.  I also camped, in a tent on a campground, for the first time in my life.  Heat and camping do NOT mix, but it was a cool experience anyways, and way cheaper than a motel.

From Arches, I headed east on I-70 back into Colorado. That stretch of I-70 has to be one of the most isolated, desolate interstate highways in America.  There are like 50 miles between exits, and many of the exits are just for ranches and don’t even have gas stations or anything like that.  It’s very pretty scenery though, and you can drive pretty fast.  It was mid-day on a weekday, not the middle of the night, but a lot of the time I couldn’t even see another car anywhere around me.

I took US-50 through southern Colorado from Grand Junction to Pueblo.  That was another gorgeous drive!  Very different look from the desert of southern Utah; it was very green, with lots of trees and mountains and clear blue lakes.  I felt like I was in a commercial for a whitewater rafting expedition, because the river (the Arkansas I think) mostly goes right alongside the highway.  It was scary at some points because the road goes right along the sides of mountains, peaking at about 11,000 feet which is the Continental Divide.  In fact, coming down from the highest point (Monarch Pass) I was hitting my brakes so much and I was so tired that I became convinced there was something wrong with the brakes.  In reality, I probably just needed a break from driving, but I really, really thought the brakes were about to fail!  So I took it super slow the rest of the way to Pueblo.

I didn’t get into Pueblo until about midnight, and the next day I took the car to a dealer to get the brakes checked out.  It turned out they were fine and I was just being paranoid, but the $27 to get them inspected was worth it to me for the peace of mind, because I seriously was terrified.  I left Pueblo and hit Denver around dinnertime, where I followed my friend Melissa’s suggestion and had dinner at a brewery-restaurant on the 15th street mall (or something like that–I think that’s what the area was called).  It was a bit touristy but nice.  While I was having dinner at the bar, a guy came up and sat down next to me and said “Don’t worry, I don’t bite. Okay I lied, I do.” Um, yeah, okay.

I wanted to get out of the city before I stopped for the night, mostly because motels are cheaper when they’re in the middle of nowhere, so I drove from Denver to Big Springs, Nebraska (Check off another state I’ve been to! That’s 45 out of 50!) where I stayed at a Motel 6.  The Motel 6 turned out to be attached to the biggest, most insane truck stop I have ever encountered….but that’s another story.

To be continued!


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  1. Christina Young

    How many days until you leave?

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