Only seven weeks til I leave!

I’ve gotten used to thinking that my departure for Abu Dhabi was still “a long time from now.” It’s really getting a lot closer!  However, what I think is really making me feel like It’s not just a far-off future plan is that I almost have my entire apartment packed up.  I finally found new homes for both of my kitties, thank goodness, and I think they are both going to be happy there, even though I miss them terribly.  Now that the cats are gone and I have started moving things into my storage unit, I am realizing I will probably be out of here within a week.  In fact, if I had to, I could be out in a day or two, but it’s really hot out and I don’t feel like spending all day dragging boxes around.

The question is, what do I do once I leave here?  I do get paychecks over the summer, but it’s not like I’m rolling in money.  I can always drive to Boston and stay with my mom and dad. However, given that they now temporarily live in a crowded 2-bedroom apartment, staying on an air mattress there for six weeks is not ideal (much as I love my parents)!  I could drive to Colorado and see my sister and make a road trip out of it, but I’ll have to watch my money carefully, and it will put more miles on my car, which I need to sell once I get to Boston.  Furthermore, I’m a brave, independent woman traveler, but driving so far alone and eating and sleeping in the cheapest places I can find makes me rather nervous.  It’s not that I haven’t done it before, but I’ve never been on that long of a road trip by myself  On the other hand, it would be way cool to see the US, drive some back roads, get an authentic look at other parts of the country.  And I could get ahead in the competition with my sisters of who’s been to the most states (I’ve been to 36)!

So, I’m still kind of playing around with ideas of what to do.  It’s been a very long time (like probably since I was 16 years old or so) since I had this much free time, with no school and no work.  It’s a strange feeling, but exciting because there are so many possibilities!


One response to “Only seven weeks til I leave!

  1. Teachers, does anyone know of a free online easy grader that I can save to my laptop? I left my grader at home. 😦

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