Can you help me find a home for my adorable cats? Please?

Just posted an ad on Craigslist; I’m hoping to find someone to adopt one or both of my sweet, friendly kitties.  The text of the ad is below and the actual ad (with pictures!) can be found at: –Please oh please, share this with anyone and everyone!  Thanks!


I am moving overseas to teach in July. I am really excited about this except for one thing: I cannot take my two beloved cats, Ringo and Lucy, with me when I move. It breaks my heart but there is just no practical way to move them so far away. I am hoping that one of you, or someone you know, would be willing to adopt one OR both of them. They would do fine together or by themselves, I’m sure.

They are both 3.5 years old, short-haired, and both boys (yes, I know, Lucy is a boy–it’s a long story!)…they are from the same litter and I have had them since they were about 6 weeks old. They are both neutered, neither is declawed but they have always been indoor cats. They are a bit on the chubby side–15 lbs or so each, but have never had any kind of health problems (I think they’re just a bit lazy! :-)). Ringo is all gray and Lucy is gray and white. The best thing about them is that they are very social “people cats.” They LOVE to cuddle up on your lap and purr, or play (Ringo actually plays fetch like a dog!), they do well with kids, and warm up to strangers quickly. After an adjustment period of a few days, they have both done well with other cats too. They’ve never met a dog but I think they’d be okay with that as well.

In short, they are WONDERFUL, very special, loving kitties who I truly think would make a great addition to any family. PLEASE contact me if you are interested in meeting them. They love to meet people 🙂


One response to “Can you help me find a home for my adorable cats? Please?

  1. Gotta a bite on the e-mail to my church about your cats. But it was from someone who said that the Atlanta Pet Rescue might take them. Someone could foster them until homes are found.

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