Welcome to my new blog!

Well, let’s start with the basics:

I’m 27, single, and teaching 3rd grade near Atlanta, Georgia. In three short months I will be moving far, far away to Abu Dhabi, UAE. There, I will be teaching 4th grade at an international school.

Why would I do such a thing? Because I have always been a traveler and fascinated by other cultures. Because I am bored of the suburban, relatively homogenous lifestyle I currently live. Because I spent a few days in the UAE last summer on a layover and wanted to stay forever. Because if I don’t do this now, I would always wonder what it would have been like. Because I have no mortgage, husband, or kids, and I might never again be this free to live and work almost anywhere I want.

This is not the first time I have been abroad. I taught EFL in Korea about five years ago, and I spent last summer volunteering at an orphanage in Ethiopia. Compared to some people I have barely been anywhere, but relatively speaking I think I am much better-traveled than most Americans.  This is my first journey into the world of international school teaching (in Korea I was at a private language academy) and I’m sure I’ll learn some difficult lessons along the way.  That’s scary, but also part of the fun.

I am excited and nervous. I’ve done my homework; I know the basics about the culture, I’ve been in touch with several current teachers at my future school, and I’ve read the reviews, both good and bad, of the school. I know it won’t be paradise. I also know I have to try it anyway.


2 responses to “Welcome to my new blog!

  1. Christina Young

    At which school will you be teaching? I am really interested in what the housing is like for teachers in Abu Dhabi. I know it depends on the school, but I haven’t been able to find any pictures.
    Have you?

  2. Hello. I am awaiting my 2nd interview with Teach Away for a teaching job in Abu Dhabi. I, too, live in Atlanta, though I am not as young as you are, I am also free of mortgage, kids, or a husband. Which agency did you get hired through? When will you be starting? How can I get in touch with other teachers who are already working in Abu Dhabi (American/African American)? Please let me know.

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